6. i’m half man, half alley cat

i have a like-hate relationship with eggs.  definitely not love-hate, because i definitely can’t say i love eggs.  i like them, sometimes.  i hate them, most of the time.  sophia loves eggs, and she’s… Continue reading

5. playing favorites

let’s talk about some of my favorite things. corgis.  i mean, really.  how can you not think these little guys are adorable??  sophia and i have  a lot of future dog-related plans, including… Continue reading

4. saturday brunchin’

we’ve been having weird weather in california lately…it rained for 5 days, then it was sunny but unseasonably cold, and today it’s back to rain.  did i mention that i hate rain?  growing up… Continue reading

3. isn’t it hard: paddling out, paddling out

for the last week or so, i’ve essentially been crawling inside miike snow’s newest album, happy to you. i saw them at the treasure island music festival in october of 2010 (see below), and… Continue reading

2. obedear, the sky is low

okay, so, i love food. soph and i always say that food makes life worth living.  of course, there are a lot of other things that make for a happy and well-rounded life,… Continue reading

1. some things last a long time

hi there! i’m sam.  second year doctoral student in clinical psychology, studying to be a therapist/researcher/professor/eternally underpaid graduate student.  johns hopkins grad.  east coast transplant living in the bay area.  vegetarian (sushi as… Continue reading