16. velvety

three things: red velvet + cake + cookie.  equals: cakey, soft, delicious cookies.  oh yes. sophia made these for the first time a few weeks ago to celebrate me getting my first-choice clinical… Continue reading

15. all good things

photobooths. homemade brunch.  raspberry scones, scrambled eggs with veggies, latkes, from-scratch peanut sauce, and mimosas! animal ears on humans. sophia’s cookin’ and friends visitin’.  i’ve been asked a lot if it grosses me… Continue reading

14. charm city dreams

i was in baltimore for the past few days to present a poster at the american association of suicidology conference (one graduation requirement, check!)  super fortuitous that the conference was held in baltimore,… Continue reading

13. bend all your notes for me

a few months ago, i got sophia and i tickets to see jeff magnum (of neutral milk hotel) at the fox theater in oakland.  i’ve been an enormous fan of neutral milk hotel… Continue reading

12. post-midnight baking

even though we already had a bunch of cookies from previous baking endeavors, sophia and i couldn’t pass up an immediate trial run of these strawberry honey oatmeal bars from the pastry affair.  they’re… Continue reading

11. cheesin’

this past week, as it was spring break, i had an unspoken/implicit goal: eat as much cheese as possible.  i didn’t entirely realize it until this evening, when sophia and i had homemade… Continue reading

10. electric chapel

happy 26th birthday, lady gaga! be a good little monster: check out the born this way foundation, a movement to foster a society that is more accepting and tolerant of human differences.  bullying… Continue reading

9. may the odds be ever in your favor

like many others, i have a mild obsession with the hunger games.  i recently finished the third book, and sophia and i saw the movie this morning.  book-to-movie adaptations are generally hit or… Continue reading

8. clothes on: “winter” in napa

i surprised sophia with a weekend trip to napa for her birthday back in december, and we took a ton of silly pictures (one of our favorite pastimes).  it was sunny and wonderfully… Continue reading

7. speculoos, biscoff, & nutella, oh my

when i studied abroad in london, my friends natalie, kathryn, and i each consumed our body weight in nutella (ok, i’m exaggerating a little, but we definitely ate a lot of nutella). then,… Continue reading