25. summersun

happy belated summer solstice!

yesterday was an apropos day for the first day of summer – it was also my last day of exams as a second year doctoral student.  i’m now, somewhat officially, a third year!  this year was a challenging one, but it was also very rewarding and i feel like i learned so much.

summer also brings lots of friends’ birthdays, one of which we celebrated last week. my friend sonia (who’s also getting married in 2 days!) had a potluck-style birthday party to which sophia and i brought these bad boys (thanks to kohler created for the recipe).  i present to you…reese’s pieces chocolate peanut butter cookies!

reese’s pieces are the kind of thing that i tell myself i don’t like…pretty much so i won’t eat an entire bag in one sitting.  they’re so good!  sophia recently discovered that reese’s pieces don’t have chocolate (she has a mild cocoa allergy), after which she excitedly texted me “REESE’S PIECES DON’T HAVE CHOCOLATE, THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING!!!”

these cookies, as well, were super nomderful.  they’re easy to make, and they make a TON of cookies…i think we got 65ish out of one batch.  it’s kind of time consuming to roll out and bake all of them if you’re making them yourself (see above: using 3 cookie sheets and a muffin pan simultaneously), so i’d suggest halving the recipe if you don’t want to make so many cookies.  but, then again, who doesn’t like their kitchen to be overflowing with chocolatey peanut buttery goodness?

cheers to a lovely beginning of summer!

“what is this, a teacup for ants?!”

studying/picnicking in alamo square park