24. let it be, baby, breathe

continuing the 24 at 24 list, with numbers 15-24…

15. my favorite season is fall.  i love the colors, the temperature, the clothes (!), and the general feeling in the air during the fall (super cheesy on that last one, i know).  fall also means halloween, one of my favorite holidays.  i wish it was halloween all the time, that way i could wear crazy costumes every day and just generally not give a fuck.

c/o danny brito

16. i have one tattoo on my ribs that i got when at the beginning of my senior year of college.  it’s an english-translated quote from heraclitus that reads “all things flow, nothing abides”.  i had just submitted all of my graduate school apps and was working on embracing the philosophy that things will change, not always for the better, but life brings all sorts of adjustments and misalignments that we can’t always be prepared for.  all we can do is adapt and try to make the best of it.  6 months later i was getting ready to move to california and had recently begun dating my wonderful girlfriend.  see, embracing change can be good!  i’m planning on getting another tattoo soon…i’ve decided on the general image as well as the place on my body that i want to get it, but i still have some mental prep to do (including deciding on what shop i want to go to, the first on my list has about a 4 month waiting list).

17. i think the garbage disposal is one of the greatest inventions ever.  since i don’t have enough room in my apartment to start a compost bin, i use my disposal as a pseudo-composter. i’ve had to get the maintenance people to unclog it at least 3 times now because i’m always so gung-ho about dumping stuff down there rather than putting things in the trash (sorry, guys!).

18. as horrible as these shows are, i have a strange fascination with the dance moms franchise.  the other day i had a 15 minute (mainly one sided) conversation with sophia about why i think dance moms miami is way better than the original one.  i think it comes from the fact that i grew up so immersed in the dance world, and never once had an experience like what they portray on the shows.  as interesting as it is to watch, i think it gives people a terrible impression of what it’s like to be a competitive dancer.  i’m SO glad my parents were never like the moms portrayed on that show; i think i’d be the most horribly adjusted young adult. fascination with the abomination…or something.

senior year of high school throwback: silly rehearsal (that’s one of my instructors in the blue top)

19. i don’t like rain.  i grew up in a place where it rained a lot, and i’m so happy to currently live somewhere where it’s sunny 90% of the time.

20. my hair is naturally dark blonde, but i dyed it platinum last september.  soph and i were at a music festival and we saw these twin australian DJs who had the most amazing hair…the next week i brought in a picture to my hairdresser and she worked her bleachy magic!  i thought about dyeing it myself but, with my clumsiness, i’d probably end up with orange hair, or no hair.  yikes.


after! about 2 weeks after zee hair was colored (and sophia looks so cute!)

21. i think the radio ruins any semblance of good music.  if i have to hear “somebody that i used to know” ONE more time i will stab someone.  why do people think that hearing the same song over and over makes them like it more?  (hint: it doesn’t).  i recently heard ellie goulding’s “lights” on the radio at a store, and it made me incredibly sad/annoyed/disgruntled to hear it being played on “mainstream” radio.  i can just hear the hoards of people saying “OMG i love ellie goulding, i’m so indie!”

22. i hate the smell of yogurt.  i also hate the smell of ketchup.  i like to eat both of those things, but i can’t stand the smell!

23. one of my favorite silly phrases is “womp womp”, generally meaning “aw man” or “that’s poopy”.  i recently taught my good friend uri what the phrase means, and he’s been using it goofily and incorrectly for the last few weeks.  but english is like his third language so i guess i can’t fault him much for that!  ha.

24. i think children are wonderful and adorable, but as i approach my mid-twenties i’m continuing to find reasons why i should NOT have children.  sophia and i have talked seriously about this, and we’re definitely on the same page in terms of being 98% sure that we don’t want kids.  we really really REALLY want several dogs, the first being a labradoodle that we’re planning to adopt when we move up to SF next summer.  i also want to work with youth and families, so the idea of coming home to my own screaming child is totally frightening and unappealing.  maybe it’s just because i’m too young to really comprehend the joys of having kids, but i just don’t know if it’s right for me.  soph and i also have so many plans to travel and work hard at our professions and be spontaneous and enjoy our lives with our friends and families, and having children can be such a hindrance to that.  i have several friends who have kids and i give them SO much credit, especially those who work and/or are in school full time.  i don’t know how you do it, guys, but keep doing what you’re doing.  you kick ass.

playing fetch with a random (super friendly!) dog in alamo square park

and there, you see, you have me.  or 24 things about me, at least.