23. i wanna rock you out

24 things about me, at 24!  #s 1-14 in no particular order…

1. i started dancing when i was 3, and it’s been a major part of making me who i am today. since i moved to california i haven’t taken more than a few classes, which made me realize how hard it would be to find something like i had with my company in high school or in college.  i think i just need to suck it up and really commit to taking classes somewhere, but it’s HARD, dude…can’t seem to find what i’m really looking for.  makes me feel uber-grateful for the wonderful experiences i had with my dance girlz.

2. i love cupcakes.  mostly chai, carrot cake, or red velvet.  i also have a particular weakness for (well-made) vegan cupcakes.  give me all of them, pronto.  see evidence below:

3.  if i wasn’t getting a degree in clinical psychology, i always say that i’d go into fashion/music/architecture/art history/something else creative.  now, i have no talent for making clothes, music, or art, but i feel like i’d be pretty good at the advertising/promoting/experiencing/curating end of things.  i was an art history minor in college and i loved the juxtaposition between my science-y major and artsy minor.  or i’d love to be a vacation tester, if that was a thing.

4.  i can crack my toes like no one’s business.  also, i’d love to be barefoot all the time.  ALL the time.

5. i haven’t eaten red meat since i was 15/16.  when people ask me how long it’s been since i’ve eaten meat i have a hard time being specific because i phased things out slowly, first red meat, then turkey, then chicken, then cooked fish.  i still eat sushi occasionally, so i guess i’m technically a pescetarian, but i’ve had so many people ask me “what the hell is that?” that i generally just say i’m a vegetarian.  i also don’t really eat eggs or a lot of dairy because it makes my stomach hurt, so i feel like that somehow makes up for my occasional raw fish stint.

6. in that same genre, i have a really sensitive and weird stomach.  that’s actually the reason i stopped eating meat, although the no animal cruelty thing is definitely a bonus.  i’ve gotten sick from hamburgers, clam chowder, tiramisu, nougat, chicken sandwiches, ice cream, and (most recently) 7-layer dip.  so weird.  my dad says i get my “gurgly stomach” from him – he has to take antacids after every meal and he also takes prilosec because he gets pretty severe heartburn.  i also think “gurgly” is a legitimate medical term (not).

7. sophia and i are oddly proud of the silly/non-disgustingly sappy nicknames we’ve come up with for each other.  sophia’s primary nickname for me is “hedge” or “hedgie”.  apparently when i’m sleepy and semi-non-responsive i look like a tired baby hedgehog.  we both think hedgehogs are really cute, so i guess it’s a compliment!  my primary nickname for sophia is “dino”, which comes from a kickass story about how she got revenge on this bitch who kept stealing her food in middle school.  she got her inspiration from a story about a dinosaur called “tyrone the terrible”.  hence, dino!  we also call each other “PK”, which has a slightly more sappy derivation that i won’t expand on.  you’ll have to ask her about that one!

hedge and dino marker tattoos at treasure island!

8. i LOVE to be organized.  organization has been a self-perceived strength of mine since i was younger, and i really find a lot of comfort and satisfaction in knowing where everything is.  i used to help my grandma organize her apartment, and it was one of my favorite things to do as a kid (helllllo, childhood dorkdom!)  i have a hard time doing homework or studying if my apartment feels disorganized, which is why i like to always put things back where they belong…otherwise i’d never get anything done!

9. i (almost) never remember my dreams.  they go right out of my head as soon as i’m semi-awake.  i know i dream, and i recall a lot of really vivid imagery when i wake up…but it’s basically just a lot of loosely connected images/themes that make no sense.  whoever says they don’t dream is lying.  same goes for the people who say they don’t snore.

10. i want to own all of the jewelry in the world.  i often plan outfits around my jewelry.  i especially love jewelry with weird shapes or animal heads.  i have (among others) necklaces with camel and turtle pendants, a three-finger ring that looks like a panther, and a giant gold ring that looks like i put my finger through the back of a wolf’s mouth.

11. i go through pretty circular phases with drinks.  foods too, i suppose, but mostly drinks.  example: last year i was introduced to kombucha, one of the most lovely tea-based probiotic creations ever.  it’s a little pricey (usually a little under $3 per bottle) and only sold at specialty stores like whole foods or small markets.  when i first started drinking it i would make special trips to whole foods on my way home from school, and would buy about 10 bottles at a time.  i still love kombucha, but definitely don’t buy as many at a time at this point!  also, earlier this year i had an abrupt obsession with bubble tea.  i’d go to this place near my apartment about once every other day for 3-ish weeks.  i have no idea what spurred the bubble tea craze, but man, do i love tapioca pearls.  they’re like vegan fruit snacks!  nom nom.

12.  i love terrariums!  i think they’re the cutest, most awesome invention ever.  i’m the proud owner of two terrariums, one (below) that sophia made for me for our anniversary, and the other that we made together in a big mason jar.  we also tried making them at treasure island last year until we realized that the cheapest one was $25.  dirty rich hipsters!

13. the time i’ve spent abroad has been some of the most wonderful times in my life.  i did three short study abroad programs: 3ish weeks in london, 3ish weeks in italy, and 6ish weeks in greece.  looking at pictures from those trips can brighten my day instantly.  i felt so inspired after those trips and really felt like they changed me for the better.  when i went to greece it was part of an archaeology/art history program through new york university, where i knew no one.  there were about 30 students, all but about 5 who went to NYU.  immersing myself in the culture of another country and living with 30 strangers was insanely awesome.

14. i love to paint my nails.  i find it really relaxing, and i also have brittle and sad-looking nails that look much better with a few coats of polish.  i paint my fingernails a different color about every week, but i never really paint my toenails.  i think that comes from dancing barefoot for so long (in college i did exclusively modern dance, which is done barefoot), so there was no chance in hell that the polish would say on for more than one rehearsal.  after a while i just stopped wasting my time and concentrated on my brittle fingernails.  and since i like to be barefoot any chance i get, that also doesn’t bode well for the toenail polish.  i’m realizing that several of these “about me” things are related to my feet…i swear i don’t have a foot fetish!

more to come!