22. birfday lovin’

it was my 24th birthday last week, and it was one of those days that made me so immensely grateful for my wonderful friends and family.  i had about 30 friends over to my (small) apartment to celebrate, and proceeded to get 3 noise complaints during the night (the first of which came at 9pm…on a friday. what the hell).

anyway, sophia had given me my gift earlier in the day (a beautiful necklace from sea of bees jewelry and a cute reusable lunch bag), and told me that she’d give me my card later.  knowing how she loves to make handmade and time-consuming cards, i didn’t think anything of it.  earlier in the week she had also told me that she was putting together a video from all of the clips that we’ve taken over the past few months…we made a video when we went to sonoma for the first time, it’s such a wonderful way to record your memories!

so when our friends were over, post celebratory tequila shot, my friend kristen stood up on a chair and told everyone to gather around the tv.  i was totally confused, but seeing all of my friends have this goofy, excited look on their faces, i figured something silly was about to happen.  sophia turns on the tv and has 4 people videotape my reaction to whatever was about to be played, which turned out to be the most amazing birthday present ever.  we’ve since dubbed it “project call me maybe” (click da link!)

the video basically shows 40 of my friends and family dancing, singing, and doing all sorts of weird things to the song “call me maybe”.  just the number of people that she got involved with this is amazing.  my dad and his girlfriend, sophia’s mom and brother, my best friends from college and high school, plus my friends from my doctorate program…it was the most incredible thing ever.  i was simultaneously crying and laughing through the entire thing, which you can see in the nifty split-screen video thing that she did.  we posted it on vimeo and it currently has over 300 plays…sophia said that she even saw people at school that she barely knows playing the video during class.  ha!

i’m so thankful to have someone like sophia in my life – she’s the most kind, thoughtful, generous, and loving person.  i don’t know what i’d do without her!  thanks again for the best birthday present ever 🙂