20. shufflin’ soundtrack

i spent a good chunk of today sitting outside a cafe downtown, editing a publication that we’re re-submitting to a professional psychology journal.  after seeing a nervous little chihuahua take a poop right in front of where i was sitting, hear the owner say “good job, baby!” and then have the owner NOT pick up her dog’s poop, i decided it was time to drown out some of the surrounding noises.  and the surrounding poops.

random sample (n=11) of what came on when i put my itunes on le shuffle…

neutral milk hotel: the king of carrot flowers, part 1

i talked about my love for jeff magnum in a previous post, so i’ll eliminate the fawning.  he’s just fantastic.

“this is the room, one afternoon, i knew i could love you / and from above you how i sank into your soul / into that secret place where no one dares to go.”

lady gaga: hair

life goal: be half as awesome as lady gaga.  or just be her.  that would be cool too.

“i’ve had enough, i’m not a freak, i’m just here playing to stay cool on the streets / i’ll die living just as free as my hair.”

wallpaper: 1234
this song makes me immensely happy. i’ve seen wallpaper live 3 times now, and they’re some of the most fun, sweaty (and inexpensive) shows i’ve been to.

“one two three, i don’t give a fuck / i five on it if you wanna have six / you can find me at the seven-eleven round eight, nine o’clock / with ten-eleven dudes and my twelve inch reeboks.”

beach house: better times

i love this whole album, teen dream.  give me that zebra-printed album art any day.  also let me stand anywhere close to victoria legrande and i’ll be a happy camper.

“runnin’ around, cause you beat yourself up / and you made a crack and the one you love is gone / how much longer can you play with fire before you turn into a liar?”

cut copy: eternity one night only

instrumental!  kickass live. find it here.

yeasayer: 2080

also fantastic live.  a few too many misdirected stage lights and annoying/inconsiderate concert-goers, but that certainly doesn’t take away from the awesomeness of their music.

“if you find me i’ll be sitting by the water fountain / picket signs, letdowns, meltdown on monday morning / but it’s alright…cause in no time, they’ll be gone, i guess i’ll still be standing here.”

choir of young believers: claustrophobia

definitely my favorite song on this album, this is for the white in your eyes.  sad and dreamy.

“where do you go when it all goes down? you battle balance, your parents back / to all the thoughts that they guilt your youth.”

the black keys: just got to be 

sometimes i can’t believe this much sound comes from two people.  this and “your touch” were two of the first black keys songs i ever heard in early college, and i’ve been hooked ever since.

“when it comes to pride, and other sinful matters / you’re gonna be misled, left there in tatters…you just got to be, the best thing for me.”

warpaint: shadows 

this isn’t one of my top picks from this album, the fool, but it’s always nice to re-visit.  i think my favorite here is “warpaint”, one reason being that the beginning of the song is super reminiscent of a lot of stuff by a perfect circle.

“and the city i walk in, the city i walk in, it feels like it swallows / with my hand in my pocket, i feel like a shadow.”

yeasayer: sunrise
majorly representing all hour cymbals on this shuffle, which generally isn’t my favorite album of theirs (i way prefer odd blood) but this round managed to capture two of my favorite songs on this album. “sunrise” is a lyric genius.

“the sky cracked a million ways, making me blind / and as the trees grew higher and higher, and the fish began to fly / i went and stole some wings and thought, ‘why can’t i…get in the sunrise'”.

my favorite comment from the video below: “who wears pants while listening to this song?”  HA.  although i have to agree, as i’m currently listening to this song and not wearing pants.

chromeo: fancy footwork
chromeo is just fantastic live.  so much fun, so engaging, and how can you not like two dudes with pianos propped up on mannequin legs?  6th-ish row at treasure island, aww yeahh.  official black-stockings-clad video below!

“we’ll meet up on the floor, and maybe do the twerk / so show me what you’ve got in terms of fancy footwork.”

also, check out the crookers remix (!):

hope you’re having a lovely, music-filled monday!