19. yes pleeease

some recent longings/discoveries…

jeffrey campbell lita spike boot.

holy crap yes.  i must have these.  waiting for them to go on sale, continuing to search for a coupon somewhere out there on the interwebz, and anxiously awaiting my next tutoring check!


21st amendment brewery hell or high watermelon wheat beer.

this stuff is fantastic.  since it’s seasonal, i’ll be stocking up on a few boxes at the end of the summer.  my friend sally brought it to a barbecue last spring and introduced us to the watermelony goodness.  bonus: support local (SF-based) breweries!

sea of bees handmade jewelry.

i want all of their things.  every one.  soph asked what i want for my birthday next month, and i may or may not have requested at least one of their necklaces and rings.  some stuff is pricey, but others are really reasonable, especially for being handmade and limited-edition stuff.  how can you not love something called a “rainbow warrior necklace”?!  check them out here!

glittery nail polish.

normally i’m not into anything sparkly/rhinestoned, but i love all of the glittery nail polishes that have been floating around for a while now.  i have the one below, a fun coppery color that looks great on top of all different base colors.  i like to do a light blue base coat and then put this on top – reminds me of a robin’s egg!  definitely difficult to take off, though, so make sure you have lots of remover.  on the hunt for something similar?  look here!

pyramid studs.

i just ordered a 90-count pack of silver pyramid studs and from etsy, and i’m so excited to use them!  i’m planning to stud the back of my iphone case…or as sophia says, “stud all the things!”  clearly we’re both stoked for these little DIY projects.  before i know it, my entire apartment will be covered with studs.

beach house – bloom.

soph and i saw beach house at the treasure island music festival back in october, and they were phenomenal.  this album is similarly phenomenal, with their characteristic dream-pop sound that never fails to disappoint.  some highlights: “troublemaker”, “the hours”, and “myth”.  lots of love for baltimore artists!

happy monday!