18. pho queen

i was super sick to my stomach today, likely with a mild case of food poisoning or the “you know that makes your stomach hurt but you’re eating it anyway?” sort of thing.  too many cinco de mayo noms yesterday!

me wearing the remnants of our awesome cinco dino pinata

i have a hard time digesting foods with saturated fats, and i proceeded to eat a ton of homemade 7 layer dip (with sour cream, which i dislike…go figure) yesterday.  so, moral of the story, my lack of willpower left me with a terrible stomachache today.

my wonderful girlfriend took care of me while i was curled up in bed, and made a delicious homemade pho for dinner!  before i moved to CA i had only had vietnamese food once, at a restaurant in baltimore that soph took me to when we first started dating.  now, thanks to many dinners with soph’s family, vietnamese dishes have become some of my favorites.

find her inspiration here.  to the broth she added this dried mushroom flavoring that her mom gave us, and it made the broth so delicious and satisfying.

the finished product, plus the awesome chopsticks my dad got me for christmas

more good news to share: obama’s endorsement of marriage equality (check out the plethora of hilarious GIFs)!  take that, north carolina.  so happy to receive all of my voting things in the mail these past 2 weeks #obama2012.

hope you had a lovely, stomachache-less weekend!