14. charm city dreams

i was in baltimore for the past few days to present a poster at the american association of suicidology conference (one graduation requirement, check!)  super fortuitous that the conference was held in baltimore, where i went to college.  i was presenting a poster on the trends in suicide completions in santa clara county from 1999-2008, broken down by ethnicity and method.  super interesting, with lots of treatment implications, but not the most uplifting topic.  after fighting with the fedex people who were printing my poster, and then receiving it on the wrong printing material, the presentation went well!  phew.

anyway!  back to discussing my love of baltimore.

ridgely’s delight, an adorable little neighborhood near camden yards

i showed my classmates tess and uri around the city a bit – not as much as i would have liked thanks to their silly 6am flight on saturday – but did some tourguiding nonetheless.  we discovered a new miss shirley’s that opened in the inner harbor (nomnom amazing brunch foods), and walked around near the water for a while.  it was a little weird to be back at hopkins, especially without sophia being with me.   i kept thinking about how OLD i felt being around a bunch of college freshmen trying to sneak into the 21+ beer garden…fortunately my similar-aged friends felt the same way.  it’s crazy that i’ve already been out of college for almost 2 years (time flies when you’re being a nerdy grad student, i suppose).

i had the opportunity to see a lot of people i graduated with, including my best girl natalie, who spent the past 5 months living and volunteering in kenya.  my good friend since late high school, hasan, was nice enough to let me crash at his (beautiful) house for a night after my semi-swanky hotel stay had expired.  four days definitely wasn’t enough time in charm city, there was so much more i wanted to do (and eat and drink), but i think i successfully packed a lot into four days: exploring more of the less-touristy harbor/camden yards areas, begging the hilton concierge to let me check in early so i could take a post-red-eye shower, doing my first professional research presentation, drinking cheap local beer, frolicking in the spring fair beer garden, eating a giant portobello mushroom gyro, dancing in fed hill, brunching at golden west with hasan’s girlfriend cindy and her adorable 4-year-old son mason, cheap cabbing, getting a tad sunburnt, and spending time with some of my favorite people.

hasan and sofi’s crepes

hair swingin’

ladies at ryleigh’s oyster

it was also great to hear what some of my former classmates were doing.  it definitely makes me feel lucky to know such incredibly smart, driven, and talented people.  wishing lots of happiness to all of you!

for your listening pleasure: moombahton, a genre created by the baltimore/DC-based and uber-talented dave nada:

back, back to cali – can’t wait to see my beautiful girl!