15. all good things


wade, soph, and me at my school's annual gala

homemade brunch.  raspberry scones, scrambled eggs with veggies, latkes, from-scratch peanut sauce, and mimosas!

easter morning at molly's

animal ears on humans.

being a giraffe in dolores park

sophia’s cookin’ and friends visitin’.  i’ve been asked a lot if it grosses me out when people cook/eat meat in my vicinity, which i think is ridiculous.  i’m not out to impose my dietary choices on anyone, and if soph didn’t cook meat we couldn’t take awesome pictures like this…

bo ssam pork and wadesta!

introducing people to california-originated food, especially after midnight, on a whim, and after dinner.

wade's first in-n-out experience

this picture.

hope you’re enjoying lots of good things!