11. cheesin’

this past week, as it was spring break, i had an unspoken/implicit goal: eat as much cheese as possible.  i didn’t entirely realize it until this evening, when sophia and i had homemade grilled cheese for the second time in about a week.  i generally have to be careful with my cheese consumption, as my lactose-sensitive stomach often isn’t happy with all the dairy happening in there.  to compensate, i eliminate/reduce other sources of dairy (i only drink soy milk, i have non-soy yogurt pretty infrequently, etc), which works well.  my dad says i’ve had a “rumbly stomach” since i was a kid, which i find pretty amusing…sometimes my friends say that my stomach is “talking” to them.  ha.

soph and i also went to berkeley this past thursday and friday and proceeded to nom an abundance of cheese.  one of our favorite berkeley finds was the cheese board collective, where they sell one vegetarian (!) pizza per day – either by the slice, half pie, or full pie.  everything is made to order, and there was an enormous line outside of the restaurant when we got there.  definitely worth the wait (and the line moved pretty fast).  restaurant itself is adorable, with long wooden tables and a few outdoor seats.

asparagus, crimini mushroom, double cheese, and garlic olive oil pizza

they also have a cheese shop attached to the restaurant, where they sell a ton of cheese and bread for very low prices.  we got a big chunk of havarti cheese and a giant wheaty, grainy roll (my favorite!) for just $4.

cheesy abundance!

our friend lila also got us hooked on homemade grilled cheese, which we’ve had at her place a few times.  we usually each eat a bowl of salad, a giant sandwich, several non-grilled chunks of bread with cheese and honey, and then dessert.  needless to say, i always make sure i leave a lot of time to work out before grilled cheese nights!

tonight, soph and i decided to revisit the grilled cheese creations.  we don’t have a griddle (we’re scheming how we can get one for a future housewarming gift) but we used a fry pan for one sandwich and a small george foreman grill for the other.

what you need:

  • bread of your choice – we used a seed-filled whole grain loaf
  • cheese(s) of your choice – we used sharp cheddar and smoked gouda; lila’s fave is humbolt fog
  • apples/pears, sliced
  • onions, sauteed
  • honey

what you do: pile ingredients onto one slice of bread, drizzle with honey, top with other slice, and grill in the pan/foreman grill!  easy, right?  you can also make an open-faced sandwich if you prefer.


ok, this may not involve cheese, but here’s a nomderful vegan cinnamon roll from cinnaholic for your viewing pleasure:

s'mores cinnamon roll

hope you have a lovely beginning-of-spring!