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happy 26th birthday, lady gaga!

be a good little monster: check out the born this way foundation, a movement to foster a society that is more accepting and tolerant of human differences.  bullying and suicide, particularly among LGBTQ kids, are issues that are incredibly important to me, and it’s wonderful to see a major public figure like lady gaga contributing to such a relevant topic.  i recently co-authored a paper about the connection between gender-based victimization and suicide attempts in transgender individuals, and am a student editor on an oxford university press book called the challenge of bullying and suicide in youth.  this area is both professionally and personally relevant to me, and i can’t stress the importance of empowering youth and encouraging bravery rather than bullying.

a few months ago, the NY times did a great piece called “coming out“, about the struggles and joys of growing up LGBTQ.  lady gaga features prominently in several of these stories.  read them, watch them.  it’s amazing how brave some of these kids are.

born this way,