8. clothes on: “winter” in napa

i surprised sophia with a weekend trip to napa for her birthday back in december, and we took a ton of silly pictures (one of our favorite pastimes).  it was sunny and wonderfully warm in napa, much to the dismay of my snow-bound family and friends back on the east coast.  i really don’t like wearing heavy jackets, so i was thrilled that i didn’t have to wear a coat for most of our trip!  living in california has so many perks 🙂

our hosts' adorable guide dog, charisma!

day 1 details:

sweater- urban outfitters
jeans- adriano goldschmied c/o anthropologie
necklace- free people, gift from my mom
bag- target
shoes- toms

this sweater and pair of jeans were two of my most recent super awesome sale purchases that i was exceedingly proud of.  my friend lila works at anthropologie, and she’s kind enough to take me, soph, and some of our other friends on little shopping sprees to use her discount.  these jeans were already on sale, and with the discount ended up costing less than half of the original price.  the sweater, from urban, was originally something ridiculous like $60, and i scored this baby for $15.

dancin' pants

day 2 details:

shirt, belt, and shoes- urban outfitters
jeans- j brand
scarf- gift from a family member
bag- target
coat- tommy hilfiger c/o burlington
sunnies- ray-ban
watch- swatch, from venice
bracelets- small leather one from florence; glass evil eye bracelet from greece

i didn’t realize until now that this outfit was partially a walking advertisement for urban outfitters.  apparently, i was enthralled with all of the stuff i got on sale/sale+discount that i felt i had to share it with the entire napa valley! ha.  the belt is one of my favorite parts of this outfit; it has a beautiful, predominantly blue navajo pattern along the back.  and yay for only donning a heavier coat for a few hours!