7. speculoos, biscoff, & nutella, oh my

when i studied abroad in london, my friends natalie, kathryn, and i each consumed our body weight in nutella (ok, i’m exaggerating a little, but we definitely ate a lot of nutella).

nomming at paul's patisserie in chelsea

then, studying in florence, i again consumed a metric ton of nutella.  due to an unfortunate computer-crash incident, i don’t have any record of the insane amount i ate while i was there.  nomnom.

grubbing at art bar, florence


the point of this post is mainly to extoll a wonderful new discovery that’s similar to nutella: speculoos/biscoff.  also known as cookie butter.  also known as holy shit this is delicious.  thanks to two peas and their pod, sophia and i discovered this great (and easy) recipe for biscoff oatmeal cookies (click da link!)

what we used: speculoos from TJ's

here's how ours turned out!

happy cookie nomming 🙂