5. playing favorites

let’s talk about some of my favorite things.

corgis.  i mean, really.  how can you not think these little guys are adorable??  sophia and i have  a lot of future dog-related plans, including adopting a corgi and a goldendoodle.  we’ve bought books about dog ownership, dog-sat for friends, gone to dog parks (sans dog…is that weird?), etc.  now we just need the pup!


halloween.  if it was more academic-setting-appropriate, i’d dress in silly outfits/costumes all the time.  as a dancer, costumes have been part of my life since i was little.  i think that’s one of the reasons i always loved them – i associated costumes with dance, which i love, and then came to associate them with adopting a different persona, playing someone you’re not, etc.  it’s all very intriguing to me, in some way or another.

soph as rosie the riveter, me as dia de los muertos (halloween 2011)

soph as the morton salt girl, me as lady gaga (halloween 2010)

pirates at treasure island

red lipstick.  a recent favorite.  after sophia and i scrounged around sephora, tried on 5 different kids of nail polish, and made each other laugh with horrid makeup combos, we found this.  that’s right, kat von d does makeup too.

feather prints.  i freakin’ love feathers.  i think they’re beautiful, delicate, interesting, and complicated.  to me, they’re kind of like the ultimate representation of function and freedom.  i’ve been wanting to get another tattoo for a while, and i think i’ve finally found my inspiration.  riverluna, on etsy, makes these incredible archival feather prints that i can’t seem to stop looking at.

active child’s “you are all i see”.  a few of us are going to see active child (aka pat grossi) in may, and i’ve been immersed in his new album since we got the tickets.  some favorites: playing house, ivy (an instrumental showcasing grossi’s insane harp talents), and hanging on (white sea remix) (give it a listen – via the hype machine).

as you can probably see, i’m definitely enjoying my much-needed spring break.  hope you’re having a lovely saturday!