3. isn’t it hard: paddling out, paddling out

for the last week or so, i’ve essentially been crawling inside miike snow’s newest album, happy to you.

i saw them at the treasure island music festival in october of 2010 (see below), and have been eagerly awaiting their new album since.  seriously, though.  it’s been a long wait.

some highlights: bavarian #1 (say you will), black tin box, pretender, and the wolfgang gartner remix of paddling out.  black tin box features the always-lovely lykke li, and pretender is reminiscent of classic miike snow material from their self-titled album.

finally: this is probably one of the most hilarious, creepy, and generally awesome videos i’ve seen in a while.  i’m pretty sure the end of this video is where the vid for “devil’s work” picks up…essentially a buff dude in latex pants and a black wig running and jumping through a desert.  ’tis wonderful.