1. some things last a long time

santorini at sunset (one of my favorite places ever)

hi there!

i’m sam.  second year doctoral student in clinical psychology, studying to be a therapist/researcher/professor/eternally underpaid graduate student.  johns hopkins grad.  east coast transplant living in the bay area.  vegetarian (sushi as the occasional exception), professionally-trained dancer, lover of fizzy water and platinum blonde hair.

i’m starting this blog to commemorate my love of several things: food, music, fashion, psychology, frolicking…most of those shared with my lovely girlfriend of over 2 years, sophia (aZn persuasion in photo below).  she’ll also be a part of this blog, delivering her awesomeness to all ye followers.  if you’re twitter-savvy (unlike myself), you can follow us – @dinohedgesays.

artesa winery, napa

me & mah girl, laura, during her first visit to CA!

me & vicki, my lovely girlfraaand since 8th grade, at the de young museum in SF

happy reading!