26. soft silly music is meaningful, magical

THIS! is awesome comfort food.  right here.  cheese + avocados + whole wheat pasta = fuck yeah.  i present to you…stovetop avocado mac and cheese!  thanks to two peas and their pod for… Continue reading

25. summersun

happy belated summer solstice! yesterday was an apropos day for the first day of summer – it was also my last day of exams as a second year doctoral student.  i’m now, somewhat… Continue reading

24. let it be, baby, breathe

continuing the 24 at 24 list, with numbers 15-24… 15. my favorite season is fall.  i love the colors, the temperature, the clothes (!), and the general feeling in the air during the… Continue reading

23. i wanna rock you out

24 things about me, at 24!  #s 1-14 in no particular order… 1. i started dancing when i was 3, and it’s been a major part of making me who i am today.… Continue reading

22. birfday lovin’

it was my 24th birthday last week, and it was one of those days that made me so immensely grateful for my wonderful friends and family.  i had about 30 friends over to… Continue reading

21. quick: a must-listen!

i’ve been listening to a lot of zedd, the german electronic producer and DJ, recently. he recently previewed a single with matthew koma called “spectrum” that exploded on the hype machine, with something… Continue reading

20. shufflin’ soundtrack

i spent a good chunk of today sitting outside a cafe downtown, editing a publication that we’re re-submitting to a professional psychology journal.  after seeing a nervous little chihuahua take a poop right in… Continue reading

19. yes pleeease

some recent longings/discoveries… jeffrey campbell lita spike boot. holy crap yes.  i must have these.  waiting for them to go on sale, continuing to search for a coupon somewhere out there on the… Continue reading

18. pho queen

i was super sick to my stomach today, likely with a mild case of food poisoning or the “you know that makes your stomach hurt but you’re eating it anyway?” sort of thing.  too many… Continue reading

17. hype: recent finds

one of my favorite sites is the hype machine, a music blog aggregator that’s just plain awesome. and free!  also, i’m a huge fan of remixes…it’s amazing how many creative collaborations are out… Continue reading